How can I ?

How can i love her?

How can i say her?

She is divine,

She wants an unconditional love,

Love beyond the time and space,

Love from eternal to eternal births !

But i’m conditional, i’m limited.

Love comes to me once a year,

Around the month of February.

I just love her beauty and yes till that remains.

I can not wait for years,

She must be here,

She must love me now .

How can i love her?

How can i say her?

She is from Heaven and i’m from Earth !

I’m optimistic so my love should have good ending.

She is from Heaven and i’m from Earth !

Oh god ! please don’t make me loser !

She is divine she can’t come down to the earth.

Difficult though i must reach the Heaven.

To learn her divine love and dissolve in her.

But how…?

My soul is divine !

Yes my soul is divine and this body is earthy.

I must leave my body,

I must free my soul and rise above the earth.

I must take a new birth in her holy land.

Then…i can love her.

I can say her !!!


Praying to the God.

Oh God !

I’m helpless,

Don’t know the power,

and the said powerful.

Please help me !

Help me to ward off sorrows from the world.

Bestow on me the divinity,

Such that my every act becomes your act.

My mere glance, my smile,

relieve the misery of people.

May my mere touch become the healing.

Hae Vagwaan …!

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